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Joomla User Group--Using Piwik as an Alternative to Google Analytics
Monday, November 09, 2015 07:00pm
to 08:30pm
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Contact Bruce Moore
Improving Enterprises, 16633 Dallas Parkway, Addison, TX 75001


Many web masters use Google Analytics to prepare reports on how their site is being used. For those web masters that want an alternative to Google Analytics, the Piwik project has developed an alternative web analytics tool that can be hosted natively or used as a service similar to GA. Using Piwik will keep sensitive data within your network and can eliminate spoof-based GA referral spam. Piwik will not eliminate crawler-based GA referral spam. In this meetup, we will cover the different types of referral spam and how to use Piwik on a Joomla web site.

See the DFW Joomla User Group Meetup page for more information.

The session outline will be approximately as follows:

  • What is Piwik
  • What is referral spam?
    • Crawler-based
    • Spoofed (for lack of a better term)
    • Hassle issues
    • Social engineering security issues
  • When would you choose to use Piwik?
    • Sensitive sales-related data that you don't want on Google's servers
    • Cost for a paid account
    • Google terms and conditions
    • Want statistics on an intra-net site behind a firewall; Google can't reach
    • Want to eliminate spoofed referral spam
    • Want to collect statistics but without requiring Javascript
      • Want to collect statistics from log files
      • Simple image load URL
    • Inter-site traffic between sites you manage
  • Installing and configuring Piwik
    • Installing Piwik on your Joomla domain
    • Installing Piwik on a separate domain to serve multiple domains
    • Addins
      • Split out bot traffic
      • GeoIP
      • Security audit/recommendations
      • Treemap
      • Report publisher
      • Intersite
      • IP to hostname
      • Bandwidth
    • Compliance and Privacy settings
  • Configuring Joomla
    • Comparison of various Piwik plugins
      • Eorisis
      • Yireo
      • nfr
    • Template modification
  • Content of reports

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