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Building a Joomla or Wordpress Test System on Your Laptop
Monday, November 13, 2017 06:30pm
to 08:30pm
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Contact Bruce Moore
Improving, 5445 Legacy Drive, Plano, TX


Joomla 3.8 (and really all upgrades) requires some testing--especially for very old themes and theme frameworks.  At this meetup, we will do a workshop to build a test system on your Windows, Linux or Mac laptop. Bruce Moore and Wilma Howell will lead the workshop.  Prior to the Meetup, please download VirtualBox, Centos Linux, and Akeeba Kickstart.

Before the Meetup, please install Akeeba Backup on your web site and take a backup and download it to your laptop.

If your site forces HTTPS, it may be helpful to disable this setting in Joomla before taking a backup and then turning it back on. If turned on for the backup, you will have to configure SSL on the virtual machine on your laptop in order to get everything to work.

Akeeba has introduced a backup tool for Wordpress, so this process should work for Wordpress sites as well; Wordpress users are welcome to attend. There is actually very little of this workshop that is specific to Joomla at this point.

Although Centos is probably the most popular Linux for hosting firms, you can install additional virtual machines for other Linux distributions that are better for desktop use. Ubuntu is probably the best choice.

For more information, see the Dallas Joomla User Group Meetup Page at


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