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Enhanced plots with ggplot2, lattice, and rgl
Saturday, February 22, 2014 10:00am
to 12:00pm
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Gorman Lecture Hall A, University of Dallas


Plots of data have been a staple of science for hundreds of years. The growth of big data and analytics make it increasingly important that scientists create comprehensible high quality graphics to communicate complex information to scientists and non-scientists alike. Our speaker, Bruce Moore will take several complex graphics that he needed to create and use them as examples for what various R graphics packages do well—or don’t do well .

The survey will cover GNU Plot, basic R plots, ggplot2, lattice and rgl, with special emphasis on rgl. Bruce will also cover how to run back-level versions of R in order to get capabilities that work in R 2.15 but not yet in R 3.0. 

Bring a laptop to follow along with the presentation and to try out some of the concepts with the instructor and other Dallas RUG members.

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