Future Speaking Events

Future Speaking Events

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SMU CAPE--Getting Started with R in Data Analytics
Tuesday, May 31, 2016 06:00pm
to 09:00pm
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Contact Bruce Moore
SMU Continuing and Professional Education (CAPE), 5539 SMU Boulevard, Dallas, TX 75206


Getting Started with R in Data Analytics–SMU Continuing and Professional Education

This is a six week introductory workshop in how to use R. The class will cover

  • Installing and getting started with R
  • Understanding the strengths and limitations of R
  • Data exploration and data preparation
  • Common R functions and scripts
  • Reading and writing data with R
  • Programming efficiently in R
  • Curve Fitting, prediction and interpolation
  • Geostatistics, geocoding and Mapping
  • Advanced graphics building and communicating your case in graphics
  • Using Shiny for simple interactive visualizations
  • Advanced Tools and Packages and developing predictive models with R

For more information and to enroll, see Getting Started with R in Data Analytics Workshop on the SMU Continuing and Professional Education web site.


Examples of Graphics and Visualizations Taught in the Class

Interactive origin-destination mapping on a globe.
won't display iframe
Interactive d3-based heatmap web site clicks vs. location.
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Plot of click-through rate (CTR) vs. search position. It is clear that search position is important, but that other factors cause some pages to over- or under-perform relative to the search position.
plot of chunk google_analytics_part_1_webmaster_data_regression_residual
An interactive googleVis plot of CTR vs. position with impressions and page contained in interactive flyover text.

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