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All Articles

This category contains articles that have not been assigned to a more specific category.  It is primarily used for "about" "contact" and other utility pages.  This category is not intended to be searched directly by users.

Articles related to setting interest rates on bank deposits.

Articles related to setting interest rates (prices) on bank loans.

Articles related to open source software used and created by Moore Software Services.

Articles related to bank operations and information technology.

Articles related to information security.

This category contains articles related to web hosting, web commerce, search engine optimization and other related topics.

This category consolidates materials useful for public speaking and for Toastmasters clubs.

The Personal and Small Business Technology category contains articles that are of interest for personal computing and for small businesses but not to banks, though individual bankers may find these articles useful.

Articles related to charge-offs of loans.

Referral spam is the placement of domain names into the referral list in Google Analytics and other web analytics tools.  There are two types of referral spam:

  • Crawler-based, where a robot crawls your site and passes the spammers referrer.  In this case there was a visit to your site, but not by a real person.
  • Spoof-based where the spammer calls Google Analytics and passes the Site ID for your web site.  The site ID can be randomly generated or obtained by crawling your site.

This category collects articles that are related to the R statistical programming language.

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